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Opalescence UltraEZ Desensitising Gel Trays x 4 sets


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Out of stock


No Whitening Trays Required – Pre Filled Trays Quickly eliminate sensitivity from toothbrush abrasion, thermal and chemical changes, tooth whitening and root exposure. Pre-loaded tray holds the gel in direct contact with teeth.


  • 4 – pre-loaded UltraEZ upper trays
  • 4 – pre-loaded UltraEZ lower trays


  1. Keep desensitization product away from small children.
  2. This product is NOT for nighttime use.
  3. Do not use tobacco products or eat while using this product.
  4. Not intended for use by pregnant women.
  5. If any problems occur, discontinue treatment and notify your dentist.
  6. Keep out of heat and/or sunglight at all times.
    UltraEZ may be stored at room temperature.
  7. Do not swallow large volumes of UltraEZ.

Quick Directions:

  1. Center tray on teeth.
  2. Lightly press into place.
  3. Remove outer tray.
  4. After placing tray in mouth, gently press the tray from biting surface of teeth towards the gums to ensure complete coverage of gel.
  5. UltraEZ (Green Tray): Wear for 15 minutes to 1 hour per day or as directed by your dentist.