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10 reasons to love Opalescence whitening

The Opalescence Tooth Whitening system has helped millions of people brighten their smile over the last three decades. Apart from being a market leader, with tried and tested methods, it continues to innovate and improve its methods and formulas, making it a number one choice for dentists worldwide. There are many reasons why Opalescence is considered such a quality option above any alternatives.


Founded in 1990, Opalescence has been a market leader in the whitening industry for thirty years. They pioneered teeth whitening gel treatments, producing the first professional-strength whitening product available for users to take back home for continued treatment. 

International Recognition

Opalescence has been used and trusted by doctors in over 100 countries. Over its thirty year operation, the treatment has won numerous awards internationally, including from several industry experts. These include awards from Dentistry Today, Clinician’s Choice, Dental Town, alongside a Reality five-star award in 2018.

Options Available

The treatment doesn’t just come in one product, and there are options available to suit any patient and their lifestyle requirements. From Opalescence-Boost, a medical dentist-administered treatment taking one hour, to Opalescence PF, a take-home treatment available in different flavors and concentrations, there truly is something for everyone.

High Water Content

Unlike many other gels, the Opalescence treatment is formulated with a very high water content of around 20%. This is vital as it keeps teeth hydrated throughout the whitening process, avoiding dehydration that can lead to shade-relapse, and increased sensitivity in the teeth moving forward.

Sustained-Release Gel

Opalescence PF is the treatment available for take-home use. It is available using a long-wear carbamide peroxide or a shorter-wear hydrogen peroxide formula, depending on the patient and their consultation with a dentist. Both formulas include a fantastic sustained-release function, meaning the gel continues to whiten over an extended period of time.

It’s For Everyone

Opalescence is committed to providing trustworthy, ethical, and accessible teeth whitening products that anyone across the world can use. The take-home products come in a variety of flavors to suit any individual. However, even more impressively, it is also vegan, certified Kosher, and 100% gluten-free. This means that more people than ever are able to make use of the benefits of Opalescence.

Sold Only By Dentists

Ultradent Products has always encouraged patients and doctors to consult each other over the teeth whitening process. As a result, Opalescence is only available through dentists and dental professionals. This means that users can always trust they are using the right product for their needs.

Administered By Dentists

Alongside being provided by dentists, Opalescence can also only be administered by dental professionals, allowing patients to relax in the knowledge that their teeth-whitening journey is being handled effectively and safely.

Products Can Be Combined

Brilliantly, Opalescence treatments can be safely combined to maximize results. They provide a whitening toothpaste that can be integrated into a daily routine, and an Opalescence Boost treatment administered by a dentist can always be followed up by Opalescence Go touch-ups at home. 

Opalescence Supports the World

Opalescence Whitening is ethically committed to providing dental products for humanitarian causes. In a single year, they have been known to donate almost half a million dollars worth of dental products, helping to sustain more than 300 humanitarian causes across over 70 countries.

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